About Me

Moe has worked as an analyst for over four years and in 2015 moved from Government into Digital Analytics. Being an analyst comes naturally to Moe because she is interested in people and data gives her an answer to what someone might do next.

Data visualization is also an area she is deeply committed to. Ensuring her clients understand the recommendations that come along with being data-driven is a core part of her daily job.

Moe uses a variety of tools such as Tableau, R, Google Analytics, Google Docs, Google Tag Manager, Excel and PowerPoint to aid her analysis and present her finding in manner which is easy to understand and action. She loves teaching her colleagues what she knows and she loves learning from others, a trait she carries to each new challenge.

Being a people person, Moe enjoys building relationships with her clients and finding ways to solve their problems. Integral to this, is proactively engaging with her clients early and often, to listen to how she can best help them.

Moe’s diverse experience is a reflection of her love of learning and commitment to develop broad professional experience. She is a strong advocate for gender and cultural diversity, organisational mentoring and networking.

Insights from an Analyst