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How we get more women in Digital Analytics

Recently, all in one week, I listened to two podcasts (Digital Analytics Power Hour and Present Beyond Measure), attended a Google female founders meetup and a Women in Focus event all focusing on women in tech and women in digital analytics.

Unsurprisingly, I have been unable to stop thinking about women in tech and what that means for the digital analytics community.

I am not a woman in tech. My professional background is working within a highly technical Government Defence organisation, where, yes, I was a woman. But I’m not technical, right, so I never think of myself as a woman in tech. I might have advised people on highly technical operations – but I can’t do them. So it doesn’t count. Last year I joined a digital analytics company where I am learning to run analysis through R. True, my most visited website each day is stack overflow (hey – I’m learning) but I’m not a woman in tech because I’m not technical.

And then I came upon those two podcasts. And then an event. All in one week. It shifted my perspective on how I think about myself.

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